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Tribal Silver Jewellery

Step into a world of culture, history, and exquisite craftsmanship with our captivating collection of tribal jewellery at Royal Mile Silver. As a business rooted in ethical trading since 1997, we are proud to present a range of delicately crafted silver jewellery that draws inspiration from the ancient tribal cultures spanning the globe. From the vibrant traditions of Thailand to the rich heritage of North Africa, West Africa, India, and the ancient peoples of Europe, our tribal jewellery encapsulates the spirit of these diverse cultures.


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Tribal earrings and rings

Our collection of tribal earrings and tribal rings encompasses a wide array of styles and designs, each reflecting the distinctive aesthetics of the tribal cultures that have inspired them. Each piece tells a story, carries a legacy, and offers a connection to the ancient roots of civilisation. Whether you're seeking a statement ring or captivating drop earrings, you'll find something truly unique within our range.

At Royal Mile Silver, we are committed to ethical trading. When you choose our Tribal Silver Jewellery, you not only acquire a beautiful piece but also support fair trade practices and sustainable production methods. We ensure that every piece respects the environment and the cultures that inspire it.

Shipping across the uk

Our reliable shipping ensures that your tribal jewellery arrives safely and promptly. If your ring isn’t quite the right fit, we offer an easy ring size exchange service. Not sure what size to order? Find out your size now with our at home ring sizing guide.

about royal mile silver

Royal Mile Silver have been trading in Edinburgh, Scotland, since 1997 and are committed to creating the highest quality jewellery ranges in an ethical way. In our shop, you’ll find Celtic designs in sterling silver, pieces influenced by Viking Silver Jewellery, organic and nature ranges, tungsten rings for men and tungsten rings for women, and many new designer pieces. Owner Chandra Mather has travelled the world from Tiznit to Timbuktu, Chiang Mai to Jaipur – designing and sourcing unique jewellery, using the highest quality materials. Royal Mile Silver trades ethically; directly with local artisans, offering them a fair price for their work, uses sustainable materials and recyclable packaging wherever possible, visits workshops and factories to ensure fair working practices and updates stock ranges regularly to continue to offer unique jewellery ranges for men, women and children.

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