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Discovering Karen Hill Tribe Silver Jewellery

Big Earrings, Chunky Rings & Tribal Jewellery: Discovering Karen Hill Tribe Silver Back in 1996 Chandra, founder and director of Royal Mile Silver, was travelling through South East Asia looking for old stories and new … Read more

Tungsten Carbide Rings

Tungsten Cover

What are Tungsten Rings? Properties and Characteristics What are the Advantages of Tungsten Rings? Tungsten Rings are Low Maintenance Tungsten rings require minimal upkeep, as their scratch-resistant nature ensures enduring brilliance without tarnishing over time.  … Read more

Tree Of Life Jewellery

royal mile silver - tree of life

Tree of Life Edinburgh’s scenery is forever changing thanks to her trees, skies and dynamic climes.  Photos and memories feature dramatic skylines, flowering pink cherry blossoms and old broadleaves crowning over the top of ancient … Read more

A Guide to Handfasting

Royal Mile Silver - Up close picture of hand fasting

A Union of Love and Commitment Welcome to glorious Spring in Edinburgh, love is in the air and wedding season is just around the corner. The city’s plethora of ornate stone churches, town halls and … Read more

Beltane Fire Festival In Edinburgh

Royal Mile Silver- Beltane fire festival

Walking through The Meadows in Edinburgh on a drizzly day in April, you will probably experience myriad weather wobbles in one afternoon.  Sun, hail and wind are all participants in this epic show of light and … Read more

Silver Celtic Jewellery for Spring

Ostara – The Spring Equinox Spring is decidedly in the air, all around Edinburgh.  Just underneath the surface of your senses, you can feel buds burgeoning, and flowers unfurling.  Sometimes the weather will trick us into believing … Read more

Claddagh Rings on St Patrick’s Day

St Prices day email banner with green claddagh ring - royal mile silver

Connecting with our Celtic Cousins As March unfolds, the air is crisp and the morning Edinburgh sun peeps up through the dark underbelly of the Old Town. Back in the 1800s, The Cowgate, dubbed  ‘Little Ireland’, … Read more

Celebrating Women and Mothers

Royal Mile Silver - Triple Spiral Pendant and Studs Photograph with Royal Mile Silver Logo

Royal Mile Silver is a Women-led Business Royal Mile Silver has been a women-led business since its humble beginnings back in 1997, as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival market.  We have always supported working mothers … Read more

Bluebells & Leaplings

Bluebell and Leapings Blog header - Bluebell Dangle Earrings and Bluebell Flowers with Royal Mile Silver Logo

Whether you’re walking home along the Water of Leith, or round the back of Arthur’s Seat, the later afternoon light now lingers longer.  The early birds are building their nests and the sun begins to tease … Read more

Imbolc Festival

If you were to take a wee walk down Edinburgh’s ancient cobbled streets today, your face turned away from the bitter wind, you might hear the whispers of change in the air. Clutching your Celtic … Read more

Beltane Fire Festival in Edinburgh

BELTANE Fire festival

“On Beltane night we raise a toast …to Earth, our Mother and Fire, our Host” Did you know Edinburgh is host to the largest fire festival of its kind?  The largest Beltane celebrations in the … Read more

What do Celtic symbols mean?

Royal Mile Silver - what do celtic symbols mean

The symbology of the most popular Celtic designs – their meanings, Celtic spirituality and reflections. In this guide, we’ll explore the unique history and meaning popular Celtic symbols and what they are believed to represent. … Read more

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